Top Music Bands In India

These Indian bands have dominated our hearts, from cassettes and CDs to the days of Spotify and Youtube! I was introduced to bands like Euphoria, Indian Ocean, and Jal when I was a young child in the early 2000s through my parents’ cassette collection, which I used to spend a lot of time listening to.

When I was a teenager, MTV first introduced me to the mysterious Agnee, and I became enamored. And now that I’m in my 20s, I prefer to lose myself in the music of groups like The Local Train and When Chai Met Toast. The music scene in India has reached new heights thanks to these incredibly incredible bands. Check out the greatest Indian bands of all time!

Top Music Bands In India


Avial, a 2003 arrival from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, was given the name of a traditional South Indian dish. A mixture of dry or stewed vegetables is flavored with coconut and curry leaves to create avail, a sort of yellow Indian ratatouille. The meal represented their fusion of rock music and Malayalam lyrics; Avial achieved widespread acclaim despite singing exclusively in their native tongue. The band Avial describes its sound as alternative rock with funk and jazz undertones.

Typically, they borrow lyrics from Malayalam folk songs. Those with English translations seem to be soulful lyrics influenced by Latin American surrealism and South Indian poetry. Avial is delightful to listen to and expertly displays the weights and sounds. He is also untranslated.


Originally an English band, Delhi-based Euphoria was founded in 1988 by a medical student and a few of his friends. They became the forerunners of Hindi rock ten years later with the release of the Hindi album “Dhoom.” They were one of the first bands to forge an unapologetically distinct identity from Indian music’s traditional mainstays and the classical and film genres.

They also can endure, managing to remain rooted in the music industry and sense the pulse of their audience. They were the first band to play at the United Nations General Assembly in 2001, along with Pakistan’s Junoon.


Motherjane, a rock band based in Kerala that draws inspiration from the Carnatic music style joins the list. Their two albums, Insane Biography and Maktub, demonstrate their transition from traditional Indian instruments to the ethnic rock-metal subgenre.

The group is putting the finishing touches on its upcoming album, which is due soon. One of the most significant records in Indian rock is their 2002 release, Insane Biography. The music industry was interested in their second album Maktub when it was released in 2008. Amal Neerad’s film ANWAR has an OST created by Motherjane.

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