How to Start a Rock Band – And Make Money Playing Music

Starting a rock band can be as easy as friends and family members who play musical instruments getting together to play and voila! You’ve just started a rock band.

Before you go and add more people to help you start your rock band though, think about what type of band you want to have.

Will it be a cover band, that plays other people’s songs at clubs, etc?

Do you want to be a wedding or corporate band that plays classics and Top 40 tunes?

If you are a songwriter, do you want to play your own songs and possible record your own music?

There are many musicians in each of the above categories, but it’s a good idea to know in advance what YOU want, so that you can get like-minded musicians in your new rock band. Otherwise, your band will be a revolving door of exiting musicians who have “creative differences” with you.

Another good thing to go over with prospective band mates is what type of goals and commitment each of you have. Will this be just a party band to play as a hobby, or do you want this to be a springboard for a full time, lifelong career in music? Again, both are fine, unless you have both goals working against each other in one band!

If you don’t know other musicians to help you start your rock band, there are a number of ways to find some:

1. Post notices at music schools/ and music stores identifying which instrument players you are looking for, the type of music you would like to play, etc.

2. Post a message on or in the “looking for musicians” section.

If you are serious about started a rock band and becoming a full-time musician, you need to remember it’s called the music “business.” Make sure you treat it like a business. Unfortunately a lot of musicians spend all their time and energy just on the music side and leave the business part to other people. This puts you career and money in the hands of someone else, and is exactly how musicians get taken advantage of.

Learn about the business side of promoting your band and be the one who decides your destiny. Spend some time practicing your skill of promotion, and you may just find a long lucrative career in music – all from starting your first rock band.

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